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PanaSystem Corporation is uniquely situated, with its office located in Los Angeles, California. We have a full production plant, where we can manufacture, design, implement, and innovate. PanaSystem Corporation is a trading company, with insight into dealing with consumer electronics, and specializing in mobile phones, tablets and accessories. PanaSystem started off in mobile and wireless industry, within the years it has expanded its business focus to other markets. PanaSystem provides value to its clients by delivering quality products, at a great value through establishing a reliable supply chain.

PanaSystem currently turns over in excess tens of thousands of handsets and tablets monthly, consisting of Samsung, Apple, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson brand mobile phones.

PanaSystem builds tailor-made solutions to solve problems for enterprise. We provide the tools and knowledge to enable our clients to more efficiently and effectively launch products, develop infrastructure, gain market insight, and more. Our rich ecosystem of partners enables us to provide leading-edge mobility solutions while always providing technology-agnostic, independent advice.

Solve Big Problems with Great People
We genuinely enjoy coming in everyday. We believe our business thrives when employees are engaged, challenged and can learn from their peers. We work together to tackle big problems and we enjoy every minute of it! With the belief that we all achieve the most when working together, we support each other and work as a team.