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Reverse Logistics

Returns-Management solutions are designed to get your returns to be processed and back into the supply chain fast. Our skilled staff has experience to process and grade a vast array of products in minimal time and gets them back into the field tested and up to our clients’ cosmetic standard.


Our Reverse Logistics Solutions Capabilities:

  • Software and/or firmware upgrades
  • Data Sanitization
  • Repackaging
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Return to Vendor Management – Management of the flow of returned product from retailer to vendor
  • Improve cash flow and reduce inventory through fast, automated processing of store and consumer returns
  • Drastically reduce labor hours for store-level processing
  • Improve retailer/vendor relations through fast turn-around time and accurate reporting.


Achieve higher recovery through our superior dispositioning and marketing solutions.

Better Results
Our consultative approach is why clients engage us; we work collaboratively with clients to help drive agent behaviors that deliver better outcomes. We apply strategic thought, clearly defined objectives and industry leading implementation processes. We believe in a shared vision and in aligning outcomes that are mutually beneficial.


Recover assets and reduce waste to make a real impact on the environment.

Data Security
Today more than ever, retiring end-of- life assets poses a considerable amount of risk and responsibility. Ensuring that data is securely removed from all storage devices protects not only your data, but also that of your employees and customers. In addition, secure data sanitization is a key element to PanaSystem’s Reverse Logistics Management Solution.